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Mary Chalkley

Mary Chalkley

English Trainee 2020-2021

The training I have received has been of the highest standard and I would not be the teacher I am today without the guidance and support from the i2i staff.

After completing my QTS with the i2i partnership, I now feel prepared and ready to embark on life as a qualified teacher. The training I have received has been of the highest standard and I would not be the teacher I am today without the guidance and support from the i2i staff. The combination of professional studies sessions, subject studies sessions and high quality mentoring has been pivotal in delivering a well structured and effective course.

From the minute the application process started to join the i2i teacher training programme to completing the programme, the i2i team have been nothing but supportive. After working as a Teaching Assistant at a special needs school, I knew my passion was to work with and teach children with additional needs. When I was researching teacher training, the i2i team were extremely accommodating and kindly organised for me to complete my main placement at The Abbey, a school for students with learning difficulties and additional needs. I have loved every second of the course, despite all the challenges COVID has thrown our way. Two real highlights of the year have been getting to know and working with my mentor and the opportunity to be a Tutor. The opportunity to learn from someone with so much experience in the profession has been fantastic and gaining valuable feedback to continually develop my own skills has made sure I am prepared for next year. I have also really enjoyed being a Tutor, seeing the same students every morning and afternoon, checking in on how they are, celebrating their highs and supporting them through their lows has been an incredible experience and it has been really lovely to be see these students grow as individuals.

Before starting the course, I knew it would be hard work and stressful at times. Yet, even though the year has been extremely busy and full on, the support of my placement school and the i2i team and the way the course is designed, has helped alleviate this stress. The Professional Studies sessions every Monday have equipped me with up-to-date reading and research, classroom tips and explanations to support with embedding key areas of pedagogy into my lessons. Across the year we have also been fortunate enough to attend sessions delivered by external experts in areas such as behaviour, SEND and equality & diversity. These were really insightful and have really helped me develop my practice with these areas in the classroom. Regular visits from Liz to check how I am and whether I needed any support meant I always felt supported and knew I had someone to talk to if I needed it. Throughout the year she has always been there to answer any questions, queries or problems promptly which I have been extremely grateful for.

I would not hesitate to recommend the i2i programme to anyone considering teacher training. I am looking forward to continuing to work at The Abbey next year, meeting my new classes and getting to continue to work with and support the students I have been fortunate enough to meet and teach this year. Hopefully with the ease of restrictions there will be more school trips and clubs to be part of as well!

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