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The i2i Teaching Partnership is an Initial Teacher Training (ITT) provider. We deliver a high-quality School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) programme for aspiring secondary school teachers across a partnership of 25 schools in Surrey, Hampshire, Middlesex and Berkshire, leading to both QTS and PGCE.

The partnership is led by exceptional teachers and leaders who have a passion for the professional development of all those in the teaching profession; from helping Trainees take their first steps in the classroom, to helping nurture school leaders of the future. 

The programme provides high-quality school led and centre-based training, enabling all Trainees to develop into confident and competent professionals. School led training is provided 4 days a week through a main placement school and a complimentary second placement.  Trainees receive centre-based training every Monday in the form of general Professional Studies plus six Subject Study training days throughout the academic year. Every Trainee works closely with a subject expert Mentor in their placement schools.  Expert Quality Assurance Tutors work closely with all stakeholders involved in the training of the Trainee to ensure training is coherent and highly relevant to the needs of Trainees.

The Partnership is committed to the principle of ‘continuous reflective practice’; it underpins everything that we do.  The most effective teachers are those who are able to reflect, evaluate and develop their own practice; they seek advice, draw on expertise, are willing to experiment and are not afraid of making mistakes. The children in our schools are not stagnant or stationary; they deserve teachers who are willing to stay abreast of the latest training in order to deliver the high-quality education which every child deserves. Our programme aims to start teachers on this lifelong journey and equip them with the skills, knowledge and resilience needed to become the best teachers they can possibly be.

At i2i we feel that is not just about “what” we do, but also “why” we do it. Our vision for training teachers is about ensuring that the education system in this area, and further afield, has highly skilled teachers who can support the progress, love of lifelong learning and life chances of all the young people they work with.

By supporting you in your training year, and into your career through ongoing professional development, we know that you will help us achieve that vision and transform the lives of the next generation.  

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