What Our Trainees Say About Us

My Teacher Training Journey by Flo & Stephen

My Teacher Training Journey by Flo & Stephen

Art & RE Trainees 2019-2020

"One of my highlights was when my students' attitudes towards Art had changed" Flo Clarke "Fresh minds and fresh eyes coming to a new lesson; it challenges the way you think" Stephen Srikantha

Listen to our recorded webinar in which Flo Clarke (Art Trainee 2019-2020 now Art Teacher at Ash Manor School, Ash) and Stephen Srikantha (RE Trainee 2019-2020 now RE Teacher at St Bede's School, Redhill) discuss what it is like to be on the i2i SCITT programme. From why they decided to become a teacher, what the professional study days are like and what it is like to be in the classroom, to their highs and lows of the year, this webinar gives a great insight into what it is really like to be an i2i Trainee Teacher.


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