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The Interview Process

We hope that by having applied to us, you will be fairly certain that we are the teacher training provider to which you wish to commit. The interview is another opportunity for you to test this. The interview aims to be a pleasant, informal and welcoming experience in which you are able to gain as much information as possible about the programme.

From our point of view, we wish to establish:

  • You have an aptitude for becoming an outstanding teacher
  • You have very good subject knowledge or the capacity and commitment to achieve this
  • You are able to quickly establish positive relationships with peers and young people
  • You understand the role of the teacher, the demands of the training programme and the resilience to complete the programme
  • You are able to communicate effectively

The Interview

Having successfully being invited to interview, you will be asked to undertake a series of tasks to enable us to assess your suitability. The interview will be held at the SCITT training base at Weydon School and is of approximately half a day's duration.

You will undertake a subject knowledge competency assessment which we will then explore with you during the interview itself. This assessment is usually based on part of a GCSE paper. You will also undertake an observed 20 minute practical activity with a small group of students.  Finally there will be a formal interview with the SCITT Director and a subject expert which will provide further opportunities to establish your potential for success on the programme.

If you are successful at this stage – congratulations! - you will be offered a place on the programme. Decision are made very soon after the interview and he outcomes communicated through both the SCITT and UCAS. Offers may be conditional on factors such as undertaking a Subject Knowledge Enhancement programme and will be dependent on your particular circumstance.

What To Bring To The Interview

  • Original copies of your Degree, A Level and GCSE certificates. If you do not have these you will need to contact the appropriate examination board for duplicates/statements.
  • If you were educated overseas you will need to obtain a statement of comparability from ENIC (the UK National Information Centre for the recognition and evaluation of international qualifications and skills.)
  • Identity documents (Passport and Driving Licence)
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