What Our Trainees Say About Us

Emily Lister

Emily Lister

Geography Teacher, former i2i Trainee 2017-18

"Everyone is so supportive and understanding."

I decided to train at Teach@Weydon (now i2i Teaching Partnership) after having a student led tour of the school and its amazing facilities. I was truly inspired by the way the students presented themselves and by how highly they spoke of their school.

The programme prepared you through a range of techniques to keep you engaged and motivated. Some of the training days gave you the chance to experiment with new ideas and lesson activities, collaborate with different schools and departments, and receive advice and guidance from senior professionals in teaching. We even got the chance to role play challenging scenarios such as parent’s evenings.  

The highlights of the training programme were our Friday training sessions due to the outstanding teacher-led training exercises and opportunities to collaborate with all the other trainees on the course. Having the chance to meet at least once a week with all your fellow trainees allows you to form great relationships as you share your experiences of the week, whether they were positive or challenging. Everyone is so supportive and understanding which was very reassuring.

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