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Ash Manor School is a comprehensive secondary school and our core values of Community, Resilience, Excellence, Respect and Integrity underpin everything that we do.  We want Ash Manor School to deliver an exceptional education to the exceptional young people who come here and we are determined that all of our students get the chance to succeed in everything they do.  Aspire and Achieve is not just a motto for us – it is an expectation.

Every lesson, every day we aim to deliver exceptional learning experiences.  Trainee teachers are part of that right from their first day.  Our trainees observe great lessons and discuss the rationale behind the activities, they are involved in planning with colleagues to support confident delivery and work with fantastic students.  The mentors here are experienced and excellent practitioners who are committed to supporting new teachers to develop.

Our dedicated Learning and Teaching Team deliver a wide range of training and support and all CPD operating within Ash Manor School includes our trainees. The trainee teacher is a part of everything - we want our trainees to experience being a part of a supportive and encouraging staff body so they have the full experience.   We are also keen to support career progression and offer coaching to teachers in the early years of their careers in order to support their continued growth and progression. 

 "I love those day to day successes – a student who suddenly understands something that was previously a mystery or high level, academic discussion in lessons or the many times when our students display the values that make Ash Manor such a fantastic place to be every day."

Agnes Bailey, Headteacher



Ash Manor School

HeadteacherAgnes Bailey
AddressAsh Manor School, Manor Road, Ash, Surrey, GU12 6QH
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