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Assessment for Learning

AFL - BBC lesson video

AFL - Dylan Wiliam

AFL - Pragmatic Education blog post (summarised AFL strategies) 


Marginal Learning Gains - Autonomy via Zoe Elder @fullonlearning

Behaviour management

Meeting your class for the first time by Tom Bennett (@tombennett71 / TES Connect)

SCITT Learning Platform resources 


Marginal Learning Gains - Expectation via Zoe Elder @fullonlearning

So what does 'gifted' mean anyway? - David Didau

Peer to peer assessment and superchallenge using post-its - Teachers TV (Boost your teaching)



Top tips on marking and feedback via @TeamTait 'Connected - Issue 5'

Improving written feedback via @HuntingEnglish

Oral formative feedback via @HuntingEnglish

DIRTY WORK - Alex Quigley

Flipped classrooms: what are they and how do they work? via SecEd

What's all the fuss over flipped classrooms? - Via @Johnmedlicott and Insights from the cloud

Top 10 Do's and Don'ts When Flipping Your Classroom -  By Daniel Edwards @syded06

Home Learning

Four successful homework strategies - by Christopher Waugh @Edutronic_Net


A marked improvement? A review of the evidence on written marking (EEF, April 2016)


What will improve a student's memory? Daniel T. Willingham

Mobile technologly

102 interesting ways to use the iPad in the classroom


Ideas on how to show progress in your lesson - via Zoe Elder @fullonlearning


Top ten strategies - Alex Quigley

Questionning and feedback - Alex Quigley


Thinking for independence: thinking, memory and mastery -David Didau

Thinking hard (Series) - Alex Quigley

Special Education

Practical strategies for the classroom

Teaching & Learning Portals/ Blogs

Calderstones School Teaching & Learning Portal - Resources and guidance to help you think about how you might move forward in key areas that impact on what happens in the classroom @CaldiesT&L

Calderstones Teacher Toolbox - Great classroom tools, descriptions of how they could be used, resources required and time frames needed @CaldiesT&L

The Confident Teacher by Alex Quigley @HuntingEnglish

A series of blogs covering areas such as Teaching & Learning, Teacher Improvement Coaching and technology in education. 

Agility - the Teaching Toolkit  by Amjad Ali @ASTsupportAAli

Dozens of free T&L resources from @ASTsupportAAli ranging from methods to encourage independent learning, to effective deployment strategies for LSAs. 

#Blogsync hosted by Chris Waugh @Edutronic_Net

A collection of blogs about some of the most important topics in education, written by some of the deepest educational thinker.

Teach@Weydon SCITT Learning Platform

Follow @i2iPartnership from the link below, for thoughts on leadership and teaching and learning


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