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June 15th 2018

WMAT subject architects 


Will there be a subject architect for all subjects?

No. For example if a subject is not taught across all 3 schools in the MAT, there is unlikely to be an architect. It isn’t envisaged that there will be separate architects within subjects that have an umbrella subject e.g. DT, Science

Who will the architects be accountable to?

Architects will meet with Mark Sharman (WMAT) as a team over the year to plan together and peer review each other’s achievements, plus share good practice. Although there is ‘accountability’ for the quantity and quality of resources created and the quality of discussions facilitated, we are looking to empower self-driven individuals to make the maximum impact possible.

Do we envisage subject architects being the sole driver of improvement of results across the MAT?

No, this is one of complex mix of strategies, some of which are MAT wide and many that are implemented by individual schools.

Will the architects be responsible for making sure that ‘FLOW’ learning is embedded?

No. The architect will be a supportive role. The contributions made in terms of deepening subject expertise, igniting passion and development of a resource bank to support responsive teaching will reinforce the work done by teachers and leaders in schools. Curriculum area leaders will expect to see an impact and architects will work with them to refine and improve how we work.

What happens when curriculum teams don't teach the same topics, or don’t teach them in the same order?

The skill of the architect will be to find areas to focus on where there are common gains or ensuring everyone benefits at some point over the year. As the resource bank increases, this will become less of an issue.

There are also opportunities in bigger teams to have multiple sessions at each meeting, thus increasing the impact and choice.

Will there be any budget available to support the work of the subject architects if a need is identified across the MAT?

This does need to be considered.  However in the first instance we would be looking at the teaching and learning – aspects of the role which will not have a cost involved.

Will there be opportunity for the subject architects to work together so that there is a common approach across all subjects?

Yes, through collaborative planning of forums and sharing of best practice. There will be opportunities for architects to discuss role / plans for the future as we meet as a team throughout the year.

How will the architects influence and support change/ improvement?

There are six meetings scheduled in every school calendar across the MAT. These have been coordinated so that the entire subject team will come together on that evening and will work together. These forums will be facilitated by the architect and the curriculum area leaders will be responsible for ensuring their teams follow up and action whatever has been agreed.  The meetings will all happen on the same evening across the MAT. The thinking at this stage is that the meetings will be hosted in the school where the architect is located, but there can be flexibility around this as the year progresses and we learn what works best.

We look forward to receiving applications for the role by Monday. Applications are open to all teachers who will be employed by WMAT from September 2018. 


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