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Why is X=5?

Why is X=5?

December 12th 2015

Understanding of how competitive the job sector is for PE, a fantastic opportunityhas arisen by which I could also train to teach an additional subject.

After discussions with fellow members of staff justifying both the pros and cons of completing this, I decided that now was the best time to enrol on the programme. Time spent with other teachers who had transferred from a PE background into other curriculum areas certainly opened my eyes to how beneficial this programme could be for future years too. 

Prior to starting the Maths Subject Specialism Training I was apprehensive as I had enjoyed Maths whilst at school, but I’d be the first to admit that I did not always fully understand what or why certain strategies were used and it was case of people telling me ‘it just is’.

Why is it that certain terms associated with Maths provide us with a stigma that it is automatically going to be difficult? I knew I was competent in the basic arithmetic but words such as algebraic notation and surds still worried me. 

I walked into the first training session very much in the mould of my year 7 tutor group on their first day. Here I was, unsure of how it was going to be, worried I would embarrass myself by asking something that maybe I should have already known and sat amongst experienced teachers for whom some were already 'confident'  teaching maths and 'specialised' in the subject.

As the day quickly passed by, I gathered valuable tips and techniques that not only would work in a Maths classroom setting, but also I can relate to and begin to include in a PE setting. The programme incorporates the new Maths GCSE, mathematical fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem solving whilst providing outstanding resources that can be used for future lessons.

What I feel is a positive of the programme  is the structure of the training which is 4 days over the duration of the academic year, including two Saturday sessions. This meant I would not have to miss an entire week of teaching and provided me the time to still concentrate on my day to day responsibilities and teaching.

Grant Tubridy, PE teacher, Weydon School

Our next blog post will focus on how pedagogy learnt on this programme is influencing practice

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