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Compassion at a time of sorrow

November 16th 2015

At a time we are all horrified  by the inhumane acts others can inflict, this story of a young man’s compassion is touching. I am sure that many of us receive emails from parents recounting such acts of kindness from our students and all of us are equally proud. Here is one such email that we received towards the end  of last week, just before the horrifying acts in Paris.

'I am writing to highly commend the actions of one of your students.

As I was driving in the dark to pick up my son I noticed an incredibly frail elderly gentleman being slowly helped down the road by a boy in Weydon uniform. He had given him his arm to hold and that sight brought tears to my eyes. A lovely young man helping someone so gently and not caring if it wasn't cool.

On my return journey I saw them on the side of the road with the man now lying on the pavement. I stopped to help too. I now know this boy was called Andrew. We waited for the ambulance and I put my coat under the gentlemen's head. It was cold and dark by then and in a flash Andrew offered and took off his jumper for him. When the ambulance arrived Andrew calmly and sensibly recounted the events to the paramedics. Andrew was amazing, calm, kind and humble!

I would be so grateful if you could tell all the other students in the school, the Headmaster and Andrew's family about Andrew's actions. He is a credit to his parents and your school!

On a day when we remember what selfless individuals have done for us it's fitting I recount this tale because in life it's about all the little things that make life better for each other.'

The student’s name has been changed for privacy purposes but his actions remind us of what it is to be a part of society.

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