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Developing practice: The i2i Outstanding Teacher Programme

January 8th 2014

Since completing my NQT year at Weydon School, I have been given a number of opportunities to develop my teaching practice.  In addition to recently gaining a middle management role, I had the fantastic opportunity to undertake the i2i Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP).  As a teacher at the beginning of my career, I found this programme immensely helpful as it has provided me with methods to develop my own skills and those of others through the power of coaching.  I was not completely sure what to expect at the start of the programme and as a relatively inexperienced teacher I was worried that I would not have a lot to offer.  I soon realised this was a misapprehension and that the programme was implicitly designed to develop the skills I already had and that it was not subject to age or experience. 

The two aspects of the programme greatly complimented each other.  During the Teaching and Learning (T&L) aspect of the programme I greatly enjoyed being able to share best practice with colleagues from different disciplines and develop ideas around pedagogy in a collaborative manner.  It provided me with useful frameworks such as DR.ICE to help move my practice on and how to achieve outstanding T&L in my classroom.  I also found it helped me to develop my questioning skills aimed to deepen the learning of my students.   I found the coaching aspect of the programme both rewarding and stimulating.  I found developing my listening skills and going from ‘Teacher mode’ to ‘Coaching mode’ challenging where I had to unpick the thinking of others and help them reach their own solutions without mentoring them.  I found this a highly rewarding experience where I was able to support my colleagues with their own development and also acquire an invaluable tool I can use within my classroom.  

I found the OTP completely refreshing and like no other programme I have attended.  It was highly interactive and enjoyable, where PowerPoint was banished and replaced with prompts, visual stimuli, activities, debates and group work to provoke discussions and conversation.  The programme was also highly appealing as it was delivered through true facilitation and our session achievements were completely dependent upon what we brought and contributed each time. 

The OTP has a considerable impact in my own teaching practice.  I use elements from both aspects of the programme with my students and my colleagues with their own development.  It has provided me with simple and effective tools to stretch and challenge my teaching and provided me a clear path and the tools to enable me to reach outstanding teaching practice.    

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