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  • Why choose a school-led teacher training provider?

    22nd October 2015

    Once you have decided that you want to be a teacher, there are a number of things you need to do and decisions you need to make. A big decision is ‘which route is best for me?’. This post outlines what a school-led approach might look like and explains some of the feedback we receive from our current trainees about why they are confident they chose the right route for them.

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  • Applying to a #TrainToTeach programme

    29th October 2015

    A word of warning. This is not a ‘nuts and bolts of UCAS’ process. You can find that elsewhere and I am sure that guidance is crucial. This blog post is a heartfelt plea to potential applicants to do the right thing. 

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  • Compassion at a time of sorrow

    16th November 2015

    At a time we are all horrified  by the inhumane acts others can inflict, this story of a young man’s compassion is touching. I am sure that many of us receive emails from parents recounting such acts of kindness from our students and all of us are equally proud. Here is one such email that we received towards the end  of last week, just before the horrifying acts in Paris.

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  • Developing a finding out culture

    26th June 2015

    Whether we call it a research, Enquiry or Finding out culture is not for me important, what matters is having a means of finding out what works for our children and having a model within which we can experiment with new ideas, building our knowledge base and consequently our confidence in what we do.

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  • Catharsis in a Teenager’s Insular World

    5th June 2015

    Catharsis - the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

    It is a common complaint: that in our ever-increasingly connected society, we are increasingly disconnected from the real world and face to face connections.   Watching students and their friends walk into school together with one headphone installed in one ear and the other dangling loose, you begin to be concerned for their generation and ironically their communication skills.


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