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  • Why is X=5?

    12th December 2015

    Understanding of how competitive the job sector is for PE, a fantastic opportunityhas arisen by which I could also train to teach an additional subject.

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  • Reflections of an NQT

    20th November 2014

    Reflections on the first half-term and top tips from an English NQT

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  • Action Research in English

    25th January 2014
    English CA Reflections from Teaching and Learning Action Research January 24th 2014
    Strategy: To inform the understanding of The Curious Incident, students researched Aspergers Syndrome. The lesson presented activities where they engaged in role; took part in problem solving and discussion to challenge their views on labelling.

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  • Developing practice (2): The i2i Outstanding Teacher Programme

    14th January 2014

    After a long day's teaching back in September I rushed along the corridor of, worried I was going to be late for my first OTP session. Originally I had felt privileged to have been selected to join the programme, and had been optimistic about the idea of external training specifically designed to develop my teaching. Now, as I weaved through the excited groups of students, all heading home, I thought slightly sceptically about the programme:  Would I be too busy for this? Would it help? Could my time be better spent planning lessons and marking work? Would the session finish early? What resources or gimmicks were they going to provide us with to magically turn us into outstanding practitioners? I tried to push these thoughts from my head as I bounded up the stairs to the school conference room, taking them two at a time, and arrived (punctually) to the i2i Outstanding Teacher Programme. 

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  • Developing practice: The i2i Outstanding Teacher Programme

    8th January 2014

    Since completing my NQT year at Weydon School, I have been given a number of opportunities to develop my teaching practice.  In addition to recently gaining a middle management role, I had the fantastic opportunity to undertake the i2i Outstanding Teacher Programme (OTP).  As a teacher at the beginning of my career, I found this programme immensely helpful as it has provided me with methods to develop my own skills and those of others through the power of coaching.  

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