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  • Making the learning vi2ible

    21st June 2016

    John Hattie’s book Visible Learning states that teachers and leaders need to be continually aware of the impact they are having on their students by analysing evidence and making the decisions about how best to change the approach to ensure maximum progress for all.

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  • Lest we forget!

    20th June 2016

    I am sure, like me, you have had the frustrating experience where a class remembers something well by the end of the lesson but seems to have completely forgotten it the next! This is especially pertinent with students in low ability groups. For this reason we decided that developing memory skills was going to be a focus of Weydon’s action research. We needed to research how memories are stored and how as teachers’ we can improve retention of information by the techniques we adopt in the classroom.

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  • Supporting learning through effective revision techniques

    15th May 2016

    5 revision techniques that work well and make a difference to learning – get the students thinking


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  • Catharsis in a Teenager’s Insular World

    5th June 2015

    Catharsis - the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

    It is a common complaint: that in our ever-increasingly connected society, we are increasingly disconnected from the real world and face to face connections.   Watching students and their friends walk into school together with one headphone installed in one ear and the other dangling loose, you begin to be concerned for their generation and ironically their communication skills.


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  • From memory to mastery

    10th January 2015

    In an educational era post modular and recognition in light of the Wolf report that most qualifications except GCSE are suitable for all abilities, we are left with a need to ensure that our students can retain large amounts of information for the myriad of exams they will need to sit. I am sure like me you’ll have had the frustrating experience of seeing a class grasp and understand a concept perfectly in lessons, only to have completely and utterly forgotten it when you mention it later on in the year or even the next lesson for some students! For this reason I have been researching and implementing some strategies to enhance students’ retention within a lesson and trying to improve their memory. I’m really interested to find out what others think and about strategies that work for them. The well written blog by Pragmatic Education entitled ‘Why don’t students remember what they’ve learned?’ assisted me in pulling the areas of my research into one document. With thanks to Joe Kirby for his excellent blog, which has been heavily quoted and referenced.

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