We are pleased to announce that we have received feedback following the first phase of our SCITT Ofsted inspection and that this puts us in a very strong position for Phase Two of the inspection in the Autumn term. There is no published report until that point. 

We are particularly pleased that the strong pastoral support and bespoke nature of the programme has been recognised. It is also recognised that the SCITT has strong and decisive executive leadership and that trainees feel well prepared for the profession. Our vision for outstanding provision now has greater remit to ensure our trainees become the best teachers they can be, and that the students we serve benefit as a result from excellent teaching. 

Emerging strengths of the partnership include:

  • The programme is making a strong contribution to tackling the teacher recruitment problem in this region of the South East of England. The large majority secure employment in Teach@weydon partnership schools.

  • Trainees plan, deliver and evaluate effective teaching in their placement schools. Most trainees are judged to exceed the minimum level of practice for the award of qualified teacher status. All trainees believe that the programme has prepared them appropriately for their career in teaching.

  • Trainees have secure subject knowledge and know how to acquire any further knowledge relevant to changing syllabuses or specifications.

  • Programme governance is efficient and strong; executive leaders act decisively when change is needed.

  • The pastoral or bespoke support of trainees facing personal, professional or other challenges is highly effective because it enables them to successfully complete the programme.

  • Communication within the partnership supports good organisation and strong working relationships between the key partners.