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Leadership #TeachMeet



  • To share leadership strategies on key areas of school improvement
  • Aimed at senior leaders across the i2i Partnership
  • School leaders are invited to present a 7 minute slot on how your school is leading around a key theme
  • Each core theme will be divided into sub-themes to allow discussion around the topic
  • Each school should be represented by one senior leader: not everyone needs to present

​Senior leaders from outside of the partnership are welcome to join us if space permits. Please conact us for details.



  • Leadership #TeachMeets will take place each 1/2 term hosted by different schools across the partnership
  • Sessions will open at 7.45am for refreshments, and run from 8-10am
  • Partner schools send a senior leader with responsibility for leading on the  theme for that sessionSchools do not have to present at every session

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  • Leaders sign up to present if they have a particularly interesting model they would like to share or gain feedback on Sign up to present at the Curriculum #TeachMeet.
  • Sign up for the Curriculum session as an attendee 

Upcoming themes

Curriculum for Learning: Thursday 4th February at Weydon, 7.45am-10am

Teaching and CPD for Learning

Finance for Learning

SEND for Learning

Assessment for Learning



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